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How Innovative schools are addressing social media, current events, and technology

May 10, 2023

Get ready to discover how innovative schools are re-imagining whole-student development in a post-COVID-19 world. Attendees will learn actionable strategies to build a systematic approach to modern life skills that also address one of the biggest influences on students: social media. Learn how evidence-based,  developmentally-relevant lessons - co-created with 50,000 students - are turnkey for teachers and pass the student "snicker-test." In this keynote presentation, The Social Institute will share strategies that fuel students' health, happiness, and success. Attendees will learn a) 5 best practices to modernize their approach to modern life skills and social media education, engage 100% of students, and address student well-being; b). the latest research behind why schools are adopting a positive approach to social media that empowers and equips students, rather than scares and restricts them; and c). the role of social media and technology in student well-being.