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SAES offers a Religion Curriculum for Episcopal Schools and Churches. The three part volume series was written by Douglass Porter from the Church of the Holy Comforter in Montgomery, Alabama. The first two volumes, A Light to the Nations: God's Covenant People, an Old Testament curriculum, Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation, a New Testament curriculum, focuses on preschool, elementary, and middle school students. The third volume, Faith Seeking Understanding, is based on the Catechism from The Book of Common Prayer and is designed for elementary and middle school students.
Lesson plans within each notebook contain background, prayer book references, biblical references, suggested hymns, purpose of lesson, suggested presentation, and recommended activities.
Sample Lesson Plans:
Printed Curriculum Cost:
  • All Three Notebooks  - $300.00
  • Old Testament  - $175.00
  • New Testament  - $175.00
  • Faith Seeking Understanding  - $175.00
  • Preschool ONLY (Old &
    New Testaments) - $200.00

    + Shipping Cost
Digital Curriculum Cost:
  • All Three Notebooks - $175.00
  • Old Testament - $100.00
  • New Testament - $100.00
  • Faith Seeking Understanding - $100.00
  • Preschool ONLY (Old & New Testaments) - $125.00
Please contact Pat Blevins at 806.655.2400 or email at to place your order today.