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Early Learning Mini Series

Four Pre-recorded 1.5-hour sessions
6 CPU Hours

Registration Fees:
Member Schools:
  •   1-4 people per school: $250 per person
  •   5-10 people per school: $225.00 per person
  •  10 people or more per school: $200.00 per person
Non-member Schools:
  •   1-4 people per school: $275.00 per person
  •   5-10 people per school: $250.00 per person
  •   10 people or more per school: $225.00 per person

Topics & Presenters

Deep and Wide: Tapping Into a Fountain of Powerful Learning Through Student-Centered Project Work
Presented by: All Saints' Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX
  • Michelle Symonds, Early Childhood Division Head
  • Season Lagerstrom, Threes Lead Teacher and Age Level Chair
  • Sharla Caggiano, PreK Lead Teacher and Age Level Chairs
  • Amanda Patyk, Bridge-Kindergarten Lead Teacher and Age Level Chair
Based upon the book, Young Investigators: The Project Approach In The Early Years, participants will learn: What is the Project Approach, and how does it differ from other teaching techniques?  What are the unique benefits for students when teachers co-create learning through student-centered inquiry?  How do teachers implement a successful project while using the Project Planning Journal? Three seasoned teachers will share their experiences guiding their students through a project's three phases, from choosing a topic to active investigation and concluding with a culminating event. Two teachers are new to the Project Approach and will share their thoughts as they work through the process for the first time. The third teacher shares a different perspective, having utilized this approach.  Featured projects involve students three to five years of age; however, these projects can be adapted for younger or older students. Directors will learn how to support teachers implementing this approach and how to involve parents. 

All Things Bright and Beautiful…Hymn 405 - Working Science and Environmental Initiatives Into Your School Culture
Presented by: Bishop Noland Episcopal School, Lake Charles, LA
  • Frances “Boo” Kay, Head of School
  • Tausha Kordisch, Kindergarten Teacher and Coordinator for PK4 & Kindergarten Division
  • Cassie Hedlesky, First Grade Teacher
  • Molly Guthrie, Second Grade Teacher
  • Libby Richards, Third Grade Teacher
  • Stepanie Potter, PK4 Teacher
At Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School we intentionally seek to instill in every child a love for all God's creation by weaving into our culture important science and environmental initiatives. This presentation is a collection of a few of our science and environmental activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Bridge to Kindergarten: Give the Gift of Possibilities
Presented by: Holy Spirit Episcopal School, Houston, TX
  • Shannon Lewis, Head of Primary School
  • Amber Hicks, Bridge Teacher
As Bridge to Kindergarten is re-emerging as a valuable educational option, join us as we explore our newly launched program at Holy Spirit Episcopal School.  We’ll discuss the why's and how’s, as well as what we’ve learned so far!  We’ll also talk about how we promote from within and without and set our parameters and programming. 

The Wonder of the WonderLab
Presented by: Trinity Episcopal School, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Amy McRae, WonderLab and Art Teacher
  • Lori Foy, Curriculum Director
  • Marsha Palmer, Head of School
Step inside our early childhood STEAM lab, where discovery, exploration, and play create a fun environment for learning! We will share ideas, materials, tips, and tricks for teachers to use in their STEAM Lab, as well as activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Cancellation & Financial Policies:
Cancellations received two weeks before the event will receive an 80% refund. After that time, replacement registrants are welcomed, but no refunds are available.