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virtual Early Learning conference

June 25-26, 2020

        $80.00 per person for Member Schools
$160.00 per person for Non-Member Schools
CPU Hours: 8 hours
The Early Learning Conference will be held as a webinar this year using the Zoom platform. Be sure to provide your email address on the registration form so that the proper links to participate may be sent.
June 25, 2020
 8:30 am-  9:30 am    Keynote Speaker - Dr. Lisa Pena  
 9:30 am- 10:00 am   Q&A with Dr. Pena
10:00 am- 10:15 am    BREAK
10:15 am- 10:45 am    Occupational Therapist
10:45 am- 11:05 am    Q&A with OT
11:05 am  - 11:15 am    BREAK
11:15 am -  11:45 am    Speech Therapist
11:45 am -12:05 pm    Q&A with ST
12:05 pm- 12:15 pm    Closing remarks
June 26, 2020
 8:30 am- 9:15   am     Make and Take (Kinder)
 9:15 am-9:30    am     Q&A
9:30 am-10:15   am     Make and Take (4K)  
10:15 am-10:30  am     Q&A
10:30 am-10:40 am     BREAK       
10:40 am- 11:15  am     Distance Learning
                                        Preschool Chapel
11:15 am- 12:00 pm      Ideas & Resources for
                                        Distance Learning
12:00 pm- 12:15 pm     Q&A
12:15 pm                        Closing Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lisa Penã

Founder of The M.o.C.h.A.(TM) Tribe
(M)oms (o)f (C)hildren that (h)ave (A)utism.
Dr. Lisa Peña is a Today Show Parenting Team contributor and the founder of The M.o.C.h.A.(TM) Tribe which stands for (M)oms (o)f (C)hildren that (h)ave (A)utism. She is the author behind The M.o.C.h.A. Tribe Diaries which is a website/blog devoted to squashing the idea that autism has a single story. She is passionate about working with educators on the front lines of serving students and is looking forward to sharing her research and strategies. She is a mother of a child with an incredibly unique subset of autism called pathological demand avoidance (PDA). Dr. Peña is a proud coach's wife, a clinical pharmacist, a passionate public speaker, and a busy mom of three who happily resides in South Padre Island, TX.

Featured Speakers - Day 1

Casie A. Hough, MOT, OTR is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience.
She worked at Cook Children’s Hospital for 5 years where she mentored students as a Clinical Instructor and worked closely with surgeons as part of the Hand Clinic team. She has been the owner and Clinical Director of OT at Home, providing Occupational & Speech Therapy services to children in both school and clinical settings for 15 years.

Elisa Nudleman is a Speech-Language Pathologist serving students with communication challenges in both the school district setting and a private setting. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from University of Texas in Austin and a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from University of Texas in Dallas and a total of 35 years of experience as a speech/language pathologist.
Casie Hough and Elisa Nudleman bring tons of experience to the table as they each share thoughts and ideas for how educators can learn more about identifying students with learning differences at the early childhood level.

Featured Speakers - Day 2

Missy Carson teaches Bridge Kindergarten at All Saints’ Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. She has a Bachelor of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Education from Stephen F. Austin State University, specializing in Early Childhood Education. She has a total of 26 years of experience as an early childhood educator. 
Presentation Description - Versatile Activity Box - Whether you are exploring different countries around the world or constructing a summer survival kit, this multifaceted make and take Activity Box is designed to foster children's creativity. Teachers can adapt the box's basic plan to work with any lesson or theme while children learn important academic concepts as they create a fun and functional keepsake they made.

Bridget Chatham is an Early Prekindergarten teacher at Christ Episcopal School in Covington, Louisiana.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development (Early Childhood Education Focus) from Concordia University in Saint Paul, Minnesota and 33 years of experience as an early childhood educator. 
Presentation Description - Social and Emotional development is a foundational element of early childhood education.  This session will cover essential components of creating a safe-connected classroom using the metaphor of the school family built on the model of the healthy family.  Routines, Rituals, and Structures are the underpinning of creating the School Family.  An overview of this classroom structure, an examination of a multidisciplinary approach based on three brain-body states that drive behavior in children, as well as the opportunity to make and take a project related to self-regulation and connections for the classroom will be provided.

Melanie "Mo" Kowalik teaches a Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten combination classroom at All Saints' Episcopal Day School in Austin, Texas where she also serves at the school chaplain. She is a state certified EC-6 teacher who will begin her 11th year of teaching in the fall.
Presentation Description - Head, Heart and Hands: The heart of this workshop is to learn how to engage little learners in an early childhood chapel setting by bringing Bible stories to life. Participants will learn techniques to establish and continue a rich chapel program that engages the senses and presents the awe of God in a way little children can understand.



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