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"SAES serves Episcopal schools with expertise, responsiveness, and a deep commitment to the unique character of our schools. The accreditation
process ensures that Episcopal schools operate in accord with
the best educational practices." 

Leo Dressel, Former Head of School, All Saints' Episcopal School,
Phoenix, AZ

The accreditation process is governed by the Board of Directors of the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools.  The Board has created a Standards Committee which oversees the applications and reports that make up the accreditation process.  The Standards Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees who then acts on those recommendations on behalf of the association. 

If a school wishes to be accredited, the process begins by submitting an application and fee for accreditation.  Once the school's application has been received and approved, it has one year to complete the initial documents in adherence to standards (DAS). These documents demonstrate the school's ability to comply with the standards of the association. Upon approval of the DAS, the school may then prepare to complete the SAES Self Study which is a year-long process of reflection through community discussions and the preparation of a self-study document.  After the completion of the self-study, the school prepares for the On-Site Visit which is a three and one-half day campus visit made by a team of SAES peer educators.  Upon completion of the visit, an On-Site Visit Report is prepared and submitted to the Standards Committee for an accreditation recommendation which will be received and acted upon by the SAES Board of Trustees.  

While each school's experience varies, the entire process from application to accreditation decision takes approximately three school years. The SAES staff works with you throughout the entire process to support the school. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.