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The mission of the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools is to lead, nurture, and unify Episcopal schools in order to advance academic excellence within the faith community of the Episcopal Church. 

Since its birth in 1957, SAES' mission has been to support those who serve in our Episcopal schools.  In our most recent strategic plan adopted in 2017, the Board of Directors explored the ways that SAES supports its schools while promoting excellence.  We promote our mission in the following ways:

  1. Membership services: From the beginning, SAES was created as a way for Episcopal educators to come together and share resources and provide support and encouragement for the ministry to which we have been called in our work with young people.  The relationships developed through SAES membership are commonly noted as one of the most important ways we advance our mission. Our membership services are always based on promoting ways for these relationships to take root and develop between school leaders. 
  2. Professional development: Promoting excellence requires that school professionals constantly improve and develop skills central to the work taking place on our campuses.  We advance our membership through curating a variety of professional development opportunities.  Recognizing the large geographic region we serve, our professional development programs take advantage of both in-person and on-line approaches. 
  3. Accreditation services: Promoting high standards has always been central to the role of SAES.  In 1987, SAES began offering accreditation.  As a founding member of the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA), SAES continues to seek innovative approaches to accreditation that promote both accountability as well as strategic thinking. 
  4. Consultation services: Occasionally, member schools need a more focused approach to a particular challenge or task.  In those situations, member schools can take advantage of the expertise of the SAES family through high-quality, right priced consultation services.  Assistance on strategic planning, leading leadership retreats, and strategic financial planning are just a phone call away!

At the core, our mission is to serve our schools and to be a resource for those charged with their leadership.  Our Board of Directors is ultimately charged with ensuring that all of our programs and offerings are mission-centric.