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The overall knowledge of SAES and its ability to disperse what we need to know, as well as the support given to schools is incredible. I cannot imagine not having SAES in our school's life!"
--Emily McDoniel, St. John's Episcopal School, Odessa, TX

SAES' unqiue position as the largest regional Episcopal school association and the only Episcopal accreditating agency gives is a broad knowledge base on the myriad issues that can arise for schools. Through a variety of consultation resources, SAES delivers hands-on expertise to schools seeking creative solutions to the challenges facing leadership, regardless of community size or budget. 

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Consultation Services Available

  • Assessment of Episcopal identity and development of strategies to add depth and breadth 
  • Strategic planning for boards
  • Development of healthy partnerships between heads of schools and boards
  • Assessment of curriculum and pedagogical
  • Development of strategies relating to marketing and
    enrollment management
  • Assessment of school safety plans
  • Succession planning


"In my quest to bring in a consultant to work with the board, the name of David Madison came up several times. His experience as a life-long Episcopalian, priest, an attorney, a former division head of a large private school and now Executive Director of Southwestern Association of  Episcopal Schools gave him the background, experience and scope of knowledge to give guidance to my board.
The workshop itself was one of the best I had ever attended and provided my board with everything that they needed to move forward. David immediately connected with each board member. His engaging personality invited our board members to easily interact. He was very organized, and the agenda flowed offering a logical timeline and scope of the entire process. Each member commented on how confident they felt after leaving the day's session. Without a doubt, I highly recommend David as a consultant and presenter to any school organization that is looking for a well-organized and informative workshop."
~~Malcolm Smith, Headmaster
Calvary Episcopal School, Richmond, TX