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Conference Workshop Program

Opening Plenary Session

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Episcopal School Leadership Forum
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us for a three hour “deep dive” into the waters of effective school leadership! This session, designed for those leading Episcopal schools, will focus on how the Head of School sets the tone for the community and culture through effective leadership styles. Participants will be introduced to some key research on leadership and will also explore case studies to reflect upon the practical dimensions of our roles. Finally, a panel discussion led by veteran school heads will share their personal experiences and answer questions from participants.

Workshop Program

Friday, October 25, 2019

Session 1: 9:45 am-10:45 am
1A   Reading "The Yes Brain," Thinking Curriculum Innovation - Collaboratively explore connections between "The Yes Brain" and empowering curricular innovation. Dr. Bryson and Dr. Siegel call for encouraging children to take chances and explore, to be curious and less worried about making mistakes. What would it look like if we encouraged educators to innovate with the same spirit? Explore with us the barriers and opportunities for those who lead curriculum innovation. Leave with a simple plan of action, rich resources, and a network for support. Presenters: Mike Albritton & Sherrye Dotson, Core 21 Education -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy
1B   Read To Write - Tips and Techniques that help develop fine motor coordination and strength in young children. Learn about the whole arm and how all muscles help the fingers and grip, learn and do exercises and activities to use immediately in the classroom for fine motor, see how to integrate all tips and tricks into your existing curriculum, find research based ideas to help all children improve their writing, coloring, painting, cutting and using their hands and fingers, and learn shoulder exercises, learn about the Palmer Arch, and learn what to do about wrist control. Presenter: Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary
1C   The Importance of Relationships - Relationships matter with students, parents, coworkers, and the community! With a focus on authentic and positive relationships we develop a calm community in our classroom and school. Presenter: Casey Casteel, Creative Connections Training and Consultants -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
1D   These Are Our Bodies - "These Are Our Bodies" is a program that is based on approaching faith and sexuality by addressing the needs of middle-school students. The program was developed by Church Publishing Incorporated. We will discuss ways to begin the conversation about self-image, media, love, friendship, infatuation, refusal skills, pornography, cyber bullying, STIs, etc. You will get to see examples of the curriculum and hear how these discussions have changed the environment at our school. Presenter: Heather Shogren, Calvary Episcopal Preparatory, Richmond, TX -- Target Audience: MS
1E   Backward Design - How Rediscovering Essential Questions Helped a Religion Department Renew the Role of Content - Is there one definite answer to your essential questions? Is the role of the student to write down and memorize what you say? What are the overall outcomes you wish for your students? Visit with a team of colleagues who shifted how they understand essential questions and course objectives and realigned their classes towards new ends that both enhanced the content and the student’s development as critical and compassionate thinkers. Presenter: David Parks, All Saints' Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX -- Target Audience: MS, US, Clergy
1F   Montessori and Episcopal Identity: A Perfect Match - Similar to Montessori philosophy, the Anglican tradition encourages a culture that celebrates the natural curiosity in each child, all the while responding to their emerging heart with patience and love while they explore and learn about their evolving world. Regardless of their faith background, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and School celebrate the sacred in each family while educating about the Anglican faith. Come see how an Early Childhood Montessori classroom simultaneously reflects both Montessori philosophy and their Episcopal Identity. Presenter: Nancy Simpson, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Houston, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning
1G   CANCELLED - What Are High School Students Looking For? -- How can we increase engagement and authenticity in our high school students? This workshop will look at what students seek out of religious education, how we can worship together in an inter-generational community where the most populous generation still can't vote, and how we can equip students to access faith communities after leaving home. Presenter: Blake Burns, Christ Episcopal Church, Covington, LA -- Target Audience: US, Admin, Clergy
1H   Education through Music - Education Through Music (ETM) is the study of artful teaching Through music and play. ETM provides a gateway for the contemporary understanding of learning, motivation, child development and cognitive growth. ETM benefits children by developing focus and attention while reducing distractibility and impulsivity, enhancing working memory, developing strong language structures and auditory processing, and aiding teachers in creating a classroom of eager, alert children. Education Through Music also works to stabilize the emotional system, promote self- monitoring and internal motivation in children while cultivating social and interactive skills and regard for others. Presenter: Nicole Fair, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning
Session 2:  11:15 am - 12:15 pm
2A   Number Line Friends - The Number Line Friends are an early childhood math curriculum designed to help young children make meaningful connections with numerals. Each character (0-20) has a distinct look, recognizable feature (i.e. Talkative Two, Far Out Four, Elegant Eight), and poem which captivate and engage young learners as they begin to identify numerals and their corresponding quantities. If you've ever struggled to teach numeral recognition, had children who reversed 6 and 9 or who had a difficult time with the "tricky teens," this workshop is for you! Presenter: Melanie "Mo" Kowalik, All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Austin, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, Admin
2B   The Wheels on the Bus...are falling off: Executive Functioning Skills with Children - This workshop deals with Executive Functioning Skills in Young Children. It will give an in-depth look into these crucial brain activities and necessary life/school skills. Executive Functioning Skills are necessary for success in life and at school and some students come to school woefully unprepared to cope and thrive. The workshop is filled with brain research, practical tips and many hands-on activities you can experience and use immediately in with the children in your care. Presenter: Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, Admin
2C   School Leadership in Time of Transition: Getting All Your Ducks in a Row! - As we know, this is a time of great demographic change in the independent school world as school leadership roles previously held by baby boomers are being handed over to a new generation of school leaders. This workshop will examine ways in which heads new to the role can best be supported from the time their appointment is announced through their first year on the job, and even beyond. Included will be a discussion of best practices in transition planning, the importance of community engagement in the transition, the value of leadership coaching for the new head, and the need for boards of trustees to be in complete alignment with principles of governance best practice, especially as it pertains to the board’s relationship with the new head. Presenters: Bob Kirkpatrick & Susan Lair, The Education Group -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
2D   Cultivating Cognitive Diversity in Our Schools - Diversity is increasingly seen as the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team, which is also known as cognitive diversity. Embracing the naturally occurring cognitive diversity in teams is a necessary precursor for innovation to unfold. But, how do we cultivate that understanding in our classrooms? What do teachers need to feel equipped and confident when working with students who attend, process, remember and recall differently than they do? How can we adjust the design of our learning environments to reconcile variances in students’ aptitude and performance? Come learn about highly effective programmatic design elements and classroom practices that celebrate cognitive diversity. Presenter: Gina Johnson, Holland Hall Episcopal School, Tulsa, OK & Joel Bicknell, St. Andrew's Episcopal School,  Amarillo, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
2E   Taking the Pulse on Homework - Data and conclusions reached from a survey of 136 Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. Presenter: Ford Dieth, St. Martin's Episcopal School, Metairie, LA -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin
2F   Your Best Days are Ahead - Tips and Tools for Developing a Healthy Leadership Team -- The ideal leadership team consists of highly talented individuals in their respective areas of expertise. Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean the team functions well together. Egos, blindspots, miscommunications and divergent styles of leading and working together can get in the way and derail a team from being its best. In this session, we’ll explore research tested tools and insightful strategies to unlock the true potential of a well functioning team; a team whose best days are ahead. Presenter: Edward Hollinger, Hollinger Group Consulting -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
2G   Whose School is it Anyway? - Churches and Parish Day Schools function much like a marriage, sharing physical space as well as emotional and social space. A healthy relationship can be a blessing, but an unhealthy relationship can make daily life difficult and stressful for both entities. This workshop will focus on the importance of the relationship between the church and the school and offer tangible advice for those in leadership positions. Presenters: The Rev. Scott Brown, TMI, San Antonio & Mary Katherine Duffy, Bishop's Deputy for Episcopal Schools, Diocese of West Texas and Director of Professional Development, SAES -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
2H   Building School-Wide Unity Through Marketing and Enrollment Growth - In an Internet-based, mobile-device environment, your school needs a strategy to target current and potential customers AND your message needs to stand out in the increasingly crowded virtual space. Telling your story in creative and compelling ways will not only help you get and keep students, it will also build school unity (and even build the parish community). The good news is: you can do a lot with limited staff resources and a dedicated small group of volunteers. Presenter, John Cooper, The Education Group -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
2I   Living Discipleship: Formation from Forward Movement - Forward Movement has recently completed a set of four curricula on basics of the faith and discipleship. Thanks to a grant, the materials are available for download free of charge. Executive Director, Scott Gunn, will share how these curricula might be used in Episcopal schools for courses or in support of chapel talks. Fr. Gunn is also eager to learn how Forward Movement, the discipleship ministry of the Episcopal Church, can support your work, and he will offer some other resources that could be useful in your setting. Presenter: The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, Executive Director, Forward Movement, Cincinnati, OH -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
Session 3: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
3A   Chapel for All of Our Children  - This Workshop will explore effective structuring of an Early Childhood Chapel gathering. The use of storytelling and music in the retelling of Bible Stories and the inclusion of folktales from around the world (previewing Bill’s new book coming out from Church Publishing in Fall, 2020) will be demonstrated. Illuminating the stories with children’s artwork will show how we support visual learners.  How including parents at chapels can enhance the culture of your school will be discussed. Storytelling tips, singing and a question-answer period will round out this get-together. Presenter: Bill Gordh, Director of Expressive Arts, The Episcopal School, New York -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Admin, Clergy
3B   What School Can Be - Join an engaging dialogue about the assumptions we bring to the work of schooling and new assumptions that are emerging in the design of learning experiences. The changing expectations of the outcomes of our schools will be explored within this context. Presenter: Joel Bicknell, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Amarillo, TX, Jeff Moore, Moore Leadership, Austin, TX & Kevin Moore, Long-View MicroSchool, Austin, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US. Admin
3C   The Public Voice in Private Schools - How do private schools fit into the public landscape and political discourse? Hear from Laura Colangelo, the Executive Director of the Texas Private Schools Association and the lobbyist for all accredited private schools in the state. She will explain what happened in the 2019 legislative session in Texas that affected private schools. She is also a member of the board of the Council for American Private Education, so she will give an update on national legislation and issues involving private schools. Presenter: Laura Colangelo, Executive Director, Texas Private Schools Association -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
3D   Boys: How To Teach Them, How To Reach Them - Boys and girls learn differently and when we understand the brain, learning styles, academic and physical nature of each gender we can better address classroom learning and behavior. Get an in-depth look at how boys and girls learn. Learn tips and tricks for teaching that you can use immediately in your classroom. Gain new insights, understanding and useful ideas and classroom strategies to optimize, not only boys but all learners. Presenter: Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, Admin, Clergy
3E   Intentional and Purposeful Teaching - Designing lessons that are intentional and purposeful is challenging. Learn about the lesson design process developed during Nancy's 30 years in education--from her start as a classroom teacher to curriculum coordinator to published author of elementary science and math programs. Nancy will share her secrets for planning with intention in order to maximize student learning. Presenter: Nancy Larson, Author, Nancy Larsen Publishers -- Target Audience: Elementary, Admin
3F   Neuroscience for Educators: What Really Matters for Teaching and Learning - What do educators really need to know about the brain to get the most from their students? How can we bridge the gap between neuroscience research and everyday classroom practices? This session will dispel common neuro-myths held in education, and summarize critical research that can guide your instructional decisions in the classroom. You will take away practical teaching strategies focused on memory, attention, and tips for engaging students by increasing the "cognitive stickiness" of a lesson. Presenter: Colin O'Neal, St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School, Nassau Bay, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
3G   Critical Social Justice Theory - How can we better equip faculty members coming from places of privilege to address issues of social identity and oppression, especially when their student community may share many of those privileged locations? In what ways can we effectively implement Critical Social Justice Theory to better educate our students in dominant groups without objectifying or alienating our students in minoritized groups? This workshop will feature a brief explanation of terms and ideas essential to helping students understand the framework of Critical Social Justice Theory, as well as practical tips for application in a variety of different disciplines and ideas for building a comprehensive Social Justice course for your school. Presenter: Luci Hoad, All Saints' Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
3H   Legal Issues For Episcopal School Leadership -  The legal landscape in the Episcopal school world is constantly shifting.  Understanding the potential legal landmines is critical for all members serving in leadership roles in our communities.  In this dynamic session, attorneys Kristin Smith and Steve Roppolo will explore some of the most frequently asked legal questions by Episcopal schools. Presenters: Kristin Smith and Steve Roppolo, Fisher & Phillips, LLC, Houston, TX -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
3I   Come Fly and Code a Drone. Come Build a Simple Machine Car! - We have 2nd graders doing this! We all know the words;  drones, robotics and 3D printing (CAD). We have an interactive overview of how to bring Education/Industry 4.0 technology into the classroom. Join us and see how we do it  differently. 
Presenter: Gabriel Krizin, ReVisionEd, Inc.,Austin, TX --Target Audience: Elementary, MS
Session 4: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
4A   Goal-Driven and Differentiated Professional Development - Want a different approach toward teacher evaluation and professional development? This workshop is for you! Participants will explore how to foster teacher growth through individualized goal setting and differentiated professional development. This session is perfect for those that plan and implement professional development on their campus. Walk away with ideas for immediate implementation. Presenters: Carol Christ, Debbie McColloch, Ali Salinas, and Ashley Stephenson, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston, TX -- Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustee
4B   The ABC’s of Brain Change: Move Your Body, Engage Your Brain - Learn why the brain has to be engaged in active learning to really have an impact on memory; Learn how the brain works and what you can do in the classroom to improve retention of all concepts; Learn activities that will fire the neurons in the brain; Participate in activities to increase “brain power"; See the connection between movement and active brain
engagement; Learn brain based activities that engage the two hemispheres of the brain; Experience cross brain movement that increases retention; and Awaken parts of the body that will facilitate better listening
during class and instruction time. Presenter: Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, Admin, Clergy
4C   1,2,3 – Math and Literacy for Twos & Threes! - Where is the math for our youngest learners? One way to recognize and support early math learning is to be familiar with the components of math. Learn ways to incorporate math concepts using intentional oral language, a variety of books, and meaningful activities. Presenter: Susan Meriwether, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Admin
4D   Librarians Roundtable: What Does It Take to be Effective? This session be an open discussion on various topics such as curriculum, state and national standards, school needs, budget, programs, and more. Librarians: feel free to bring lessons and information to share! Presenter: Paula Clemmons, Bishop Noland Episcopal School, Lake Charles, LA -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary
4E   Scientific Thinking - Science is the process of making observations, gathering evidence and building explanations. This is the framework for science education and absolutely foundational to developing higher critical thinking in all subject areas. This workshop will break down the complex practice and provide strategies from leading experts in the field along with examples from the science classroom and practical insights from my very personal experience of 35 years guiding individual pupils through a six-month, student- designed, experimental investigation.  Presenter: Sandra Morfitt, Episcopal Day School, Brownsville, TX -- Target Audience: Elementary, MS, Admin
4F   Weaving In Diversity And Inclusion: A Multi-Grade Approach to Teaching Social Justice - Compassion, or acting with empathy, is a soft skill many of us hope our graduates build. How do we teach compassion? How do we teach empathy? How do we help our students seek justice and mercy? In many of our schools, the statement “to whom much is given much is required” (Luke 12:48) is a rationale for our community service programs, but teaching compassion and social justice is much greater than community service. Hear how four schools in Austin, TX work to weave the building of skills and awareness around the topics and practice of social justice and compassion, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Presenters: Colleen Kell, Alice Nezzer, Yvonne Adams, Jennifer Dugan, St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin, Trinity Episcopal School, Austin, St. Matthew's Episcopal School, Austin, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Austin, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustee
4G   Play! The Purpose Behind Fun - Discover five principles behind the importance of play and how it influences child development and school readiness. We'll also look at the role the teacher plays to enhance pre-academic skills so children foster a love for learning. Presenter: Jerri Thompson, St. George Episcopal School, Austin, TX -- Target Audience: Early Learning
4H   Space Between The Lines - Episcopal Schools are busy environments, and even chapels can become places where too many words place demands on students’ attention in unnecessary ways. Add issues related to ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, linguistic boundaries, special educational needs and distractions from cell phones/social media to this mix, and we discover an increasing need for more meditative space in our school communities. This workshop, based on research and case studies in the UK and US, offers examples for developing more student-centered worship, which emphasize practices of silence, meditation and the “space between the lines,” rather than busy, fast-paced liturgies. From Instructed or “Teaching” Eucharists with interactive exercises, to innovative, participatory intercessions and sermons, to Lectio Divina, this workshop will offer an opportunity for chaplains (and others) to reflect on their own worship practices and consider how they might develop more engaging and dynamic worship opportunities which encourage greater student participation. Presenter: Edward Thornley, All Saints' Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX -- Target Audience, MS, US, Admin, Clergy

Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 24, 2019
8:00 am-9:00 am      Board Breakfast
9:00 am-12:00 pm     Board Meeting
12:00 pm-1:00 pm      Board/Head Lunch
1:00 pm-6:00 pm       Registration
2:00 pm-5:00 pm      Leadership Forum
5:30 pm-7:00 pm       Opening Eucharist
7:00 pm-8:00 pm      Reception
Friday, October 25, 2019
7:30 am-8:00 am      Breakfast
8:00 am-9:30 am      Opening Session/
9:45 pm-10:45 am      Session 1
11:15 am-12:15 pm       Session 2
12:15 pm-1:30 pm       Lunch
2:00 pm-3:00 pm      Session 3
3:30 pm-4:30 pm      Session 4
End of Conference