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On-Demand Pre-Recorded Sessions


The Partnership Between Rectors and Heads of Schools: Best Practices for a Great Relationship - The relationship between the rector and the HOS is critical to the overall health of the church and school community. Join this session to hear how Kristy and Michael navigate this important relationship and hear their thoughts on how to build a great relationship and keep it that way.
Presenters: Kristy Nelson, Head of School & Michael Koehler, Rector, Trinity Episcopal School, Victoria, TX
Target Audience: Admin, Clergy
The Fundamentals of a Strategic Marketing Plan
Short attention spans coupled with increasing pressure for transparency means your communication and marketing plan should be layered and strategic. In this session, Meg will walk through the fundamentals every school's plan should include, and discuss tactics for maximizing your budget.
Presenter: Meg Hastens, Communications & Marketing Director, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX
Target Audience: Admin
Difficult Conversations
No where is there more opportunity for having a difficult conversation than in a school! In this session, Father Scott will focus not only learn how to have difficult conversations, but how to everyone involved can benefit from them.
Presenter: Rev. Scott Brown, Head of School, TMI Episcopal, San Antonio, TX
Target Audience:  Faculty, Admin, Clergy
Legal Topics for Episcopal Schools - Every school, from a stand-alone preschool to a large high school, has, at some point, found itself in need of advice around a legal issue. In this breakout session, Kristin will tackle some of the most important legal topics that schools are dealing with today as well as offering thoughts on how schools can move forward in a post-covid world.
Presenter: Kristin Smith, Attorney, Fisher Phillips, LLC, Houston, TX
Target Audience: Admin, Clergy
The Head and the Business Office Partnership - This presentation will focus on the importance of the relationship between the Head of School and the Business Manager. Join Mary Katherine, Rick and Elizabeth as they share tips and tricks for making this partnership the best it can be!
Presenters: Rick Kellogg, Former Board Treasurer, SAES; Elizabeth Kiehne, Business Manager, St. George Episcopal School, San Antonio; and Mary Katherine Duffy, Director of Professional Development, SAES
Target Audience: Admin
Parents as Fundraising Partners: Keys to Success - Parents have the potential to become powerful allies in your school’s fundraising efforts. Join Melanie and Scootie for this workshop as they share ideas for recruiting, nurturing and equipping parents for great success on your fundraising team.
Presenters: Catherine “Scootie” Clark, Head of School, and Melanie Heartfield, Director of Advancement, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Beaumont, TX
Target Audience: Admin
Service Learning + Community Partnerships = Responsible, Concerned, and Engaged Students - In this session, Joel and Tara will focus on how to re-engage in community partnerships with any grade level through service-learning. After a year of disengagement find out how to reinvigorate your service-learning with onsite activities or remote partnerships. Presenter: Joel Bicknell, Head of School, & Tara Lowery-Hart, Service Learning Coordinator, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Amarillo, TX
Target Audience: Faculty, Admin, Clergy
Leading Together - Creating a culture of community, love, compassion, and respect are essential components of success in our Episcopal Schools. Leading in uncertain times has exposed the reality that regardless of our titles, it’s the responsibility of everyone in our schools to behold the values that make are schools great! In this session, Catherine and Sheila will explore key elements and examples of shared leadership in today's world.
Presenters: Catherine Bohot, Head of School, Calvary Episcopal School, Bastrop, TX & Sheila Abio, Head of School, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Austin, TX
Target Audience: Faculty, Admin, Clergy
Framework for Teaching: A Comprehensive Approach for Teacher Support and Development. - As teachers, how do we balance the many responsibilities we have on a daily basis in order to best serve our students? Similarly, how might school leaders assist teachers in their professional growth and development in tangible and meaningful ways. In this session, Davidd will examine Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, and explore the ways in which the framework supports faculty in their professional growth, development, and provides accountability for evaluation in supportive and meaningful ways.
Presenter: David Parks, Upper School Religion & Service Learning Coordinator, All Saint's Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX
Target Audience: Faculty, Admin
A New Approach To Governance and Governance Training - In this session, Ned and his associates will explore the keys to sustaining stability on your board and tapping their potential. Attendees will leave with specific goals for strengthening governance in the three most critical areas: 1) Mission, Vision, and Mindset 2) Relationships 3) Structures.Presenters: Ned Murray, President & Senior Consultant, NRM Consulting, North Augusta, NC; George Andrews, President, G.E. Andrew’s & Associates; Shannon Earle, President, Shannon Earle Coaching
Target Audience: Admin, Clergy
Principles Caring for Their Teachers - How are principals maintaining professional, supportive, ongoing communication with their teachers during this time? Join the session as Dr. Abelein shares ideas and advice from colleague principals across the country. Presenter: Dr. Susan Abelein, Academic Coaching Manager, FACTS Education Solutions
June Event