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Call for Workshop Proposals
March 18, 2017
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serves 114 Episcopal schools, richly diverse in location, size and scope, throughout the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas & New Mexico. SAES is a member in good standing with the National Association of Independent more > Join SAES
    • SunJan22 Good Shepherd Kingwood OSV
    • MonJan23 Good Shepherd Kingwood OSV
    • TueJan24 Good Shepherd Kingwood OSV
    • WedJan25 Good Shepherd Kingwood OSV
    • SunJan29 St. Stephen's Austin OSV
    • MonJan30 St. Stephen's Austin OSV
    • TueJan31 St. Stephen's Austin OSV
    • WedFeb01 St. Stephen's Austin OSV
    • SunFeb12 Episcopal Baton Rouge OSV
    • MonFeb13 Episcopal Baton Rouge OSV
    • TueFeb14 Episcopal Baton Rouge OSV
    • WedFeb15 Episcopal Baton Rouge OSV
    • SunFeb26 St. John's OKC OSV
    • MonFeb27 St. John's OKC OSV
    • TueFeb28 St. John's OKC OSV
    • WedMar01 St. John's OKC OSV
    • SunMar05 St. Paul's San Antonio OSV St. Paul's Episcopal Montessori School, San Antonio
    • MonMar06 St. Paul's San Antonio OSV
    • TueMar07 St. Paul's San Antontio OSV
    • WedMar08 St. Paul's San Antonio OSV
    • SatMar18 Leadership & Governance 9:00 AM to 3:00 PMSt. Mark's Cathedral, Shreveport, LA
    • FriMar24 Spring Board Meeting Houston, TX
    • SunMar26 St. Mark's Houston OSV
    • MonMar27 St. Mark's Houston OSV
    • TueMar28 St. Mark's Houston OSV
    • WedMar29 St. Mark's Houston OSV
    • SunApr02 St. Matthew's Austin OSV
    • MonApr03 St. Matthew's Austin OSV
    • TueApr04 St. Matthew's Austin OSV
    • WedApr05 St. Matthew's Austin OSV
    • MonApr17 Office Closed - Easter
    • SunApr23 The Canterbury DeSoto OSV
    • MonApr24 The Canterbury DeSoto OSV
    • TueApr25 The Canterbury DeSoto OSV
    • WedApr26 The Canterbury DeSoto OSV
    • MonMay29 Office Closed
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