Workshop Sessions

Friday, October 27, 2017
  • Workshop Session I - 9:45 am - 10:45 am
  • Workshop Session II - 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
  • Workshop Session III - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Workshop Session IV - 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Workshop Session I - 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

1A   Avoiding the Spotlight – Investigating, Addressing and Eradicating Sexual Misconduct in Episcopal Schools: It is incumbent upon the independent school leaders of today to change the landscape in our schools so that sexual misconduct is investigated, addressed, and, most importantly, prevented. Current Heads of School are responsible for leading independent schools into a new generation of thought and action when it comes to sexual misconduct and only through their leadership will it be stopped. Come engage in a panel discussion about keeping your school out of the spotlight. Former Federal Judge Barbara Jones, former Federal Prosecutor Glen Kopp, and Independent School Lawyer Kristin Smith will share their judicial, criminal and legal perspectives as well as answer your questions. Presenters: Kristin Smith, Independent School Lawyer, Bracewell Law - Target Audience, Admin, Trustees, Clergy

 1B   Lesson Plans for the Technology Rich Classroom: Looking for a new way to capture your students' attention and to use technology in the  classroom? Here are some great lesson plans for you to use at your school! Students are sure to enjoy the fun and creative projects all while improving their technology skills. Presenter: Kathryn Grubb, Bishop Noland Episcopal School, Lake Charles, LA - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US

 1C   Branding and Marketing for Enrollment Growth: This workshop will focus on determining a target enrollment to fulfill your particular Mission; assessing your market potential; evaluating your tuition price and financial aid policies; developing a marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition (getting new students); analyzing your student retention strategy (keeping existing students); assessing results and tweaking your marketing   strategies in order to keep your brand "fresh."  Presenter: John Cooper, Consultant and Former Head of School at TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas, San Antonio, TX  - Target Audience: Admin, Trustees, Clergy

 1D   Growth Mindset Strategies: Join St. Thomas' Episcopal science teacher and Academic Dean, Erica Maw, as she explores aspects of a growth mindset, why mindsets matter, the components of a growth mindset school, and practical strategies for implementing growth mindset practices. This session will consider the science behind mindsets and ways to build motivation, persistence, and achievement in all students. “When you love learning, engage deeply, and believe in growth, academics and achievement will follow suit.” - Carol Dweck - Presenter: Erica Maw, St. Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US, Admin

 1E   Rhymers Become Readers! Understand the Value of Nursery Rhymes: Children love nursery rhymes! They are one of the most transportable forms of play. Children who listen and learn to rhyme become readers. Become aware of the enormous educational value of nursery rhymes and their influence on child development from this workshop. Presenter: Susan Meriwether, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston, TX - Target Audience: EC

 1F   Standardized Testing (ST) for School Improvement? Yes, So Let’s Consider the Why, Which, How and After!: Standardized assessments should play an important part in the life of a school. But why? Is it possible for ST to support school improvement? Is it used for marketing? And once we determine “why”, how do we go about   choosing which test to administer? Are they all alike: In their content? In their reports? And once chosen and administered what then? What comes AFTER the ST? At the end of this session, you should be able to: understand the  importance of standardized testing; determine a decision making process for choosing an assessment; and understand the importance of data and how to use it in your school improvement plan and in conversations about the effectiveness of your school. Presenter: Rebecca Craft, M. Ed., Education Records Bureau, New York, NY - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US

 1G   Safeguarding: Bane or Blessing?: All Episcopal Schools and Churches are required to   follow Safeguarding policies and procedures. While it’s true that compliance can be somewhat of a nuisance (plus a lot of tedious work!), there is another way to think about.  Safeguarding is an essential part of the Diocese of Texas’ Wellness and Care Ministry. It empowers us to develop safe, healthy environments in which students, teachers, administrators, and  volunteers can learn, grow, and thrive. In this presentation, we'll share EDOT's approach to   Safeguarding along with information about our policies and training protocols. Presenter: The Rev. Carol Petty, The Episcopal Diocese of Texas, Houston, Texas - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 1H   The World of Botball Robotics 101 in the Classroom: Come engage in hands-on learning and programming in the Botball Standards-Based Educational Robotics Program. Have you ever   wondered about starting a robotics program? Let us show you how you could use the Botball Robotics program in the classroom, after-school programs, and summer school to integrate STEM into your curriculum. Not only will you get to see how the     program works, you will get to program a robot and participate in Botball Challenges during this engaging, hands-on session. Come discover the world of Botball Robotics and all it has to offer. Presenters: Sara Black and Melanie Williams, Oak Hall Episcopal School, Ardmore, OK - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, US

 1I   Best Practices in Music Education: An  Overview: - This session is geared towards administrators and others who want to learn more about the field of Music Education. The presentation will cover best practices, music programs in independent schools, current research on music and child development, the importance of music education for children, what to look for when hiring a music teacher, and steps you can take to improve the music program at your school. A portion of the session will be left open for Q&A. Presenter: Sara Brennon, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Houston, TX - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, US, Admin

Workshop Session II - 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

2A    Private Schools in the Public Sphere: Episcopal schools are fortunate to be autonomous and able to educate children according to our mission! Laura Colangelo, Executive Director of the Texas Private Schools Association will help us to take a step back and get a wider view of how private schools fit into the public landscape. Topics will include state regulations that affect Episcopal schools now or could in the future, national education policy, recent Supreme Court decisions, and school choice legislation. It will be an interesting discussion of current political topics seen through an Episcopal school lens. Presenter: Laura Colangelo, Executive Director, Texas Private School Association - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 2B    Strategic Enrollment Management: Identify. Attract. Enroll. Retain. All words we use regularly, but what is the structure and strategy behind our efforts? This session digs deep on the process of developing a strategic enrollment management plan by identifying potential components and discussing design and implementation. Presenter: Craig Tredenick, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 2C    Integrating Mindfulness into Social and  Emotional Learning: Building on our own mindful foundation, we focus on modeling and teaching social, emotional attentional skills to your students. Presenter: Andrea Nachtigall, Cloud9World - Target Audience: Elementary, MS

 2D    Accreditation 101: This workshop is designed for schools at various stages in the accreditation cycle. We will discuss reasons for accreditation, SAES accreditation process, customizing accreditation, self-study models, SAES standards, and best practices, and more. Presenters: Sue Kirkpatrick, SAES Director of Accreditation Services, Susan Schotz, SAES Associate Director of Accreditation Services & Rev. David Madison, D. Min., SAES Executive Director - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

2E  Millennial Parenting: Now What?: Parenting is parenting, right? Maybe not so much. Each generation of parenting has a different perspective that affects communication, and teachers need to be aware that the Millennial parents DO differ from the GenX set. GenX focused on safety and perfected the art of helicopter parents while raising a generation of latch-key (or nanny supervised) kids. The newest generation of parents were raised by the GenX or delayed parenting Baby Boomer parents, and they are a generation in which everyone received a trophy and their self-esteem was the topic of many a nervous conversation. How does this affect the classroom teacher? This new generation of parents (born between 1980 and 2000) rebels against the norm of earlier parents. This parent spends much time seeking advice and praise (from a variety of sources) and tends to have a more traditional approach to parenting. These young parents are more diverse, more accepting of diverse views, and more socially conscious than their predecessors. Topics covered in this talk include: how to conduct routine communication, what are the priorities in parenting, what do parents expect from you the teacher, and how do private schools market to the Millennials? Presenter: Dr. Debra Root, St. Thomas Episcopal School, San Antonio, TX - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy

2F  Amplify Passion & Nurture Discovery: A Baton Rouge Success Story and How to Curate Personalized Learning in Your School: This interactive session shares our successful personalized learning program for high school and provides participants with resources for their own potential programs. Thesis Program directors, Scott Engholm & Katie Sutcliffe, will share the reflective learning profile system that has enhanced our student culture; our interdisciplinary curriculum focused on scholarship, character, and community; and details of our scholar festival, LAUNCH, that showcases student achievement. We will also share our insights on blending seminar-style teaching and issues-driven learning to inspire others to the value of curating such unique experiences for their own students. Presenters: Katie Sutcliffe & Scott Engholm, Episcopal, Baton Rouge - Target Audience: US

2G   Scale Model Noah’s Ark: Using the story of Noah and the Ark, students used math, design engineering, and art to build a scale model of the ark and its contents. The finished scale model will be on display. Presenters: Kathy Ross, Jennifer Makins & Jim Makins, Parish Episcopal School, Dallas, TX -  Target Audience: Elementary, Clergy

2H  Hands-On, Minds-On: Better Learning Through Engineering Design: The Engineer Your World classroom is a place where students engage in authentic engineering and computing practices in a problem-solving, inquiry, project-based environment. By challenging students with interesting, hands-on building activities that require the application of analytical reasoning, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, we motivate the development of 21st century competencies that are critical to success after high school. Exceptional teacher training and induction support are aligned with nationally recognized best practices. Schools may offer one or both year-long   courses, and students may apply to earn university credit from the University of Texas School of Engineering. Participants in this session will learn about the curriculum, engage in discussion with a current Engineer Your World teacher, and explore possible funding opportunities to help offset campus implementation costs. Presenter: Cheryl Farmer, Marie Girardot and Marissa Lograno, The University of Texas at Austin -  Target Audience: MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustees

2I  Promoting Faith and Wellness in Your School Community: Each of us makes decisions daily in our lives that impact our health. If our faith is our compass we tend to make more life giving choices in all areas of our lives. The same is true for our students and their families. This class will discuss what our schools can do to holistically support our children and their families in their quest for health and for the abundant life God wishes for them. Presenter: Holly Stoner, Living Compass - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy, Trustees

2J  Best Practices in Digital Engagement for Schools: Looking for “digital engagement” with your school’s community through the life cycle of their digital journey? Use the latest in web trends from responsive design to make it mobile-friendly, emphasize inspiration over information in landing pages, and provide valuable content for all constituents to drive engagement. Where appropriate, school leaders should also leverage their personal followings to benefit institutional goals in admissions and advancement. Join Rob DiMartino, a founding member of Finalsite, for this information-driven session on digital engagement for schools.  Presenter: Rob DiMartino, Finalsite - Target Audience: Admin, Trustee, Clergy

Workshop Session III - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

3A   Come to Me - Captivating Little Learners Through Bible Telling Stories:   An early childhood chapel "how-to" using props, child participant and thematic elements for a multi-sensory approach to Bible stories. Presenter: Melanie Kowalik, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Austin, TX - Target Audience: EC, Clergy

 3B   Designing Our Facilities and Campuses for Excellence and Growth: Understand the elements and processes in creating facilities that are relevant to our mission, meet the unique needs of the students and positions the campus for future growth. Presenters: Cal Todd, Mark Todd & Paul Kullman, Mark W. Todd Architects, The Woodlands, TX - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 3C The Power of Growth Mindset: A large body of current educational research suggests that the greatest predictor for success in life is not, in fact,   academic ability or achievement, but the development of traits such as resiliency, perseverance, and grit. When students, teachers, and parents believe in the value of those traits and that intelligence is not fixed and can change with commitment and effort, they are living into a Growth Mindset. This session will explore Growth Mindset, the benefits of sharing brain research with your key stakeholders, how to build a growth mindset school culture, and how to change students’, teachers’, and parents’ thinking about     success and performance. Presenters: Carol Christ, Debbie McColloch, Ryan Kochel, Ali Salinas and Ashley Stephenson, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, Houston, TX - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, Admin

 3D   It’s My School's Time to Think About a Self-Study - Now What? This workshop is designed for schools due to begin accreditation self-studies or host visiting teams in 2017-18 or 2018-19. Models of self-study protocols, timetables for doing the work, ways to structure your steering committee and writing responsibilities, budgeting, and other details relating to self-studies will be presented. Bring your questions! Presenters: Sue Kirkpatrick, SAES Director of Accreditation & Susan Schotz, SAES Associate Director of Accreditation - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 3E   Design Thinking in Early Education:   Design thinking is a powerful tool to develop critical thinking, empathy and grit. It seems tailor made as a strategy for older students, but design thinking is adaptable even for kindergarteners. We will reconcile the process for younger students and provide rich, authentic, and reflective experiences for 21st century learners. Presenters: Laura Cole and Liz Fleskes, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX -  Target Audience: EC, Elementary

 3F   Education for Global Citizenship: People, Food, Energy and Sustainability: Discover interdisciplinary, hands-on activities to help students think critically and creatively about global challenges to the planet and human well-being. Engage in inquiry-based activities that build skills in science, social studies, and mathematics while introducing   concepts of sustainability, resource use and living conditions around the globe. Presented strategies include cooperative group problem solving, concept mapping, graphing and analysis, and role-playing   simulations. Participants will receive lessons plans and background materials. Presenter: Alison Reese, The Canterbury School, DeSoto, TX - Target Audience: MS, US

 3G  Maximizing School Marketing Efforts with Limited Resources:  In today’s competitive school environment, a strong marketing strategy can be the difference between a healthy sustainable school and a school that struggles to stay afloat. This workshop is designed to show you how to treat your school like a business, using proven marketing techniques like customer profiling and social media outreach to create a fully-branded online presence. And, best of all, the techniques discussed can be  implemented even if your school doesn’t have a full-time marketing staff member. Presenters: Trenton Cornehl & Deborah Bulgrin, FACTS Management & RenWeb - Target Audience: Admin, Trustees, Clergy

 3H   Build your ARC through Mission + Tradition: Independent schools have been encouraged to develop alternative revenue as a way to fund the tuition-expense gap or to offer new programs to attract and retain students. Not all income diversification strategies work for every organization – in fact it is important that the activity align with the school’s mission and existing programs. While this may seem obvious, many schools embark on new activities expecting that the new income will move them closer to financial sustainability only to discover that the initiative takes them away from their mission and outcome. In this session, the speakers will explore how to look at alternative revenue capacity ("ARC") through the lens of mission and outcome and ways consistent with and pertaining to the Episcopal identity. Presenters: Tad Bird & Rebecca Grimmer, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX - Target Audience: Admin, Trustees, Clergy




Workshop Session IV - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

4A   The Future of Character Education: This   workshop will address the independent school mission to form not just smart, but “good” students. There will be an examination of contemporary factors that make this task more difficult. Suggestions for classroom and out-of-class interventions that help form character will be provided as well. Presenter: Bob Mattingly, Executive Director, Center for Spiritual & Ethical Education - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, US, Admin, Clergy

4B   Turning Up the Heat! STEAM Education in an Episcopal School Setting: Incorporating Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) into classroom instruction allows for the education of the whole child. Utilizing the arts as gateways into science, technology, engineering, and math offers students opportunities to utilize and strengthen skills using both sides of the brain while creating and problem solving. Addressing the importance of music, art, poetry, and religion as part of daily instruction in an Episcopal school setting accompanied by high academic standards is paramount to offering a rich and rigorous education experience. Presenter: Dr. Sherry Durham, St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School, Lufkin, TX - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, Admin

 4C SOLE: Moving from Student-Centered to Student-Directed: Self Organized Learning Environments, introduced by Dr. Sugata Mitra in his popular TED-Talk titled "School in the Cloud," provide a framework to activate student agency and ignite independent learning in students of all ages. See how one Middle School implemented this framework as an elective course and brainstorm/share ideas on how to implement this across the curriculum. Presenter: Joe Bicknell, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Amarillo, TX - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, US, Admin

 4D   Integrated Multi-Platform Marketing: Join us for a discussion of the why and how to reach diverse constituencies through multiple touch points, with  value proposition for each and case studies as examples. Presenter: Meg Hasten, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

4E  The Uni-Saders Present “A Vision of Unity:” The St. Andrew’s Episcopal School of Austin, TX, unicycle club, The Uni-Saders, has inspired thousands of children to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through one-wheeled play. Since 2008, The school club has cultivated a unique program that unifies boys and girls of all ages through a play based child centered environment. For nearly a decade, The Uni-Saders have established and sustained an extremely effective kid friendly model that fosters growth mindsets and values the importance of resilience, confidence, self awareness. In the spring of 2015, the success of the Uni-Saders led to the development of a non-profit organization called One Wheel Many Children (OWMC). OWMC and founder, Jimmy Agnew have since worked to establish additional school unicycle clubs in communities across Texas, Colorado, and North   Carolina. School unicycle clubs simply make sense. They make sense for boys and girls of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. They are a smart play for parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators. When introduced appropriately the unicycle is far more than a circus toy. It's the ultimate community empowerment tool. We feel called to share our unique story and are excited to help others write their own. For more of our story, articles, pictures, press releases, testimonials, etc.., please refer to our website," Presenters: Jimmy Agnew & Sean Murphy, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX - Target Audience: EC, Elementary, MS, US, Admin

 4F   Challenges for the Church and School in a Changing World: Both churches and schools are facing challenges as tuition continues to rise, maintenance on buildings is deferred, church attendance declines in many areas, people's expectations for churches and schools change, and other challenges. Presenters will discuss the challenges and potential strategies. Presenter: Sharon Alexander, Trinity Episcopal School, Baton Rouge, LA & Merry Sorrells, Head of School, St. Martin's Episcopal School, Metairie, LA - Target Audience: Admin, Clergy, Trustees

 4G   Student-Led Conferences: Student-led conferences reflect the belief that students should be involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process. Through student-led conferences, students are motivated, reflective, and evaluative. If given the opportunity, students are able to set goals and discuss their growth competently with others. Presenter: Lynn Wood, All Saint’s Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX - Target Audience: MS, US, Admin, Trustees

 4H   Turning Chapel Upside Down: The Power of Changing Contexts for Character Education: How can you get your students more engaged with values? The chaplain and counselor at St. John's Episcopal School will describe their approach for re-energizing character education, while keeping it integrated with chapel. You will discover new ways in which chapel can disseminate into the classroom through educators and chaplains embracing new roles. This interactive presentation will explore St. John's Chapel Applied program and provide practical ideas for implementing a similar approach in your school. Presenters: Staci Bloom & The Rev. John Thorpe, St. John’s Episcopal School, Dallas, TX - Target Audience: Elementary, MS, Admin, Clergy

 4I   Bringing Outcomes To Life: The Potential of Servant Leadership-Driven Capstone Projects: Beyond traditional community service options, how can we help our students make a substantial impact in our local communities while reflecting our highest ideals? This session explores how to scaffold empathy, ethics, and qualitative research skills that culminate in students’ successful long-term partnerships with local and regional service organizations. Drawing on first-hand experiences and scholarship, we analyze the potential and challenges of implementing multi-year programs that fuse high-level academics, student ownership, and servant leadership. This session provides insight on the growing pains inherent in changing student culture, how such unique offerings “fit” into students’ experiences, and how to communicate capstone projects’ transformative potential to various constituencies. We will emphasize attendees’ active engagement and delve into design thinking processes as first steps in developing programs relevant to each school's culture and outcome statement. Presenters: Chance Cook, Leslie Whittenbraker & David Parks, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX - Target Audience: MS, US, Admin

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