2018 SAES Early Learning Conference

Location:         Saint Michael Episcopal School
                          8011 Douglas Ave.
                          Dallas, TX 75225

Date & Time:   June 21, 2018 - 8:00 am - 3:30 pm    

Member Registration Fee:          $110.00 (includes lunch)
Non-Member Registration Fee: $145.00 (includes lunch)

Registration Deadline:  June 8, 2018

CPU Credits: 8 Hours

Hotel Information

SAES has secured a block of rooms at the Park Cities Hilton, 5954 Luther Lane, Dallas, TX, at a discounted rate of $175.00. Reservations are the responsibility of the participant and must be made by May 30, 2018 to receive the discounted rate. Call 214-368-0400 to make your reservation now. Be sure to mention the group code, SAE. You may also make your reservation online at www.dallasparkcities.com. Note: Valet Parking Only - $30.00


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Peggy Campbell-Rush
Head of Lower School
Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL

Peggy is a nationally and internationally recognized education expert who has presented her keynotes and workshops at school and conferences around the world for over 30 years. Peggy is currently the Head of the Lower School at the Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida. Peggy has taught primary grades and has been an administrator for more than 40 years in both the United States and England. Peggy has sailed around the world twice studying global education. Peggy has been honored as a Fulbright Fellow and two-time National Teachers Hall of Fame finalist, USA Today All American Teacher Team award, two-time New Jersey Teacher of the Year finalist, named Wal-Mart Teacher of Year twice.

Peggy is the author of 7 professional books: I Teach Kindergarten: A Treasure Chest of Teaching Wisdom; Tricks of the Trade: In & Out of the Classroom; and Success for Struggling Learners, Hip-Hop Alphabop, Group Writing: How Writing Teaches Reading and Reading, Writing and Word Walls and her newest book: Ready to Write. She has also published articles in Creative Classroom, Teaching K-8, Mailbox Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Working Mother Magazine, NJEA Review and Family Fun magazines.

 Best of the Best

Why sit through hours of workshops just to get one good idea? This workshop will give you idea after ideas gleaned from over 40 years of successful teaching and learning. Get you notebook ready! You will leave with many tips and tricks to help you have a great day and year with your new class this year.

 Get a Grip: Ideas to Help With Fine Motor Coordination

Do you wonder why some students can’t hold a pencil, struggle to write their names, or have such a strange pencil grip? Come and find out the why and the what to do about your questions. This workshop will give you a detailed understanding of the muscles your young students use when learning to write. You will gain ideas to help students increase their ability to hold a pencil, marker, crayon and scissors. After this in-depth look at the arm structure and ways to increase large and small muscle coordination you will learn ideas to help children become writers in the classroom.

 "Cool calm and you want me to do WHAT?" Executive Functioning Skills in Young Children

What do executive functioning skills have to do with academic and school success? Everything! In this workshop, you will get an in-depth look into this crucial brain activity. The workshop is filled with brain research, practical tips, and many hand-on activities you can experience and use immediately in with the children in your care.

 Ready, Set, Read!

Learn how Cross Brain Activities, Door Jamb Skills, Letter Swat, Pointers, Body Letters, Twister, Letter Pokey and other fun classroom activities can enhance your reading and writing program to get our youngest learners up and growing in early literacy.


Melanie "Mo" Kowalik
Chaplain & Recipient of The Connie Wootton Excellence in Teaching Award
All Saints' Episcopal School, Austin, TX

Melanie “Mo” Kowalik is in her eighth year of teaching at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School in Austin, Texas where she teaches a Pre-K/Kindergarten combination class. She also serves as the school chaplain and delights in teaching Bible stories to small children using props, story-telling techniques and student helpers to engage the heads, hearts, and hands of young learners.

Mo has years of experience working with children with Selective Mutism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADD, as well as familiarity with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Because of the unique needs of her students throughout the years, Mo’s teaching includes flexibility, differentiated instruction, and one-to-one guidance. In her multi-sensory approach to teaching, Mo strives to reach the “head, heart, and hands” of every child. She believes that the relationship between a teacher and her students should be strong, loving, and nurturing in order for the child to thrive, blossom, and learn effectively.

 Come to Me - Captivating Little Learners Through Bible Telling Stories

Are you looking for a way to engage young children in Chapel in a way that’s meaningful and exciting? This approach to chapel in an early childhood setting is designed to keep children excited, attentive, and learning in developmentally appropriate ways. We will learn how to engage the thinkers, the feelers and the doers, how to use props to make story-telling more effective, and how to structure each chapel service in a way that follows a predictable thematic pattern.


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