Interim Reports

Ongoing accreditation is maintained with submission of the school's Three-Year Interim Report and Six-Year Interim Report following the On-Site Visit. The Standards Committee may request a Special Interim Report at an earlier interval. Further details may be found in the SAES Accreditation Handbook.

five-Year Interim Report

The Five-Year Interim Report must be submitted five years after the On-Site Visit. The emphasis in the report is the status of all Recommendations made by the visiting team in the On-Site Visiting Team Reports, as well as an emphasis on Episcopal Identity, governance, financial management, and instructional quality. An interim report must have thorough but concise responses to the recommendations and contain the information outlined in the Five-Year Interim Report Checklist. After review of the Five-Year Interim Report, the SAES Standards Committee may request additional information from the school.

Interim Reports for SAES/ISAS Dually-Accredited Schools

A school may be accredited by both SAES and the Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS). Though a determination of accreditation is made independently by each association, the two associations collaborate on the submission of interim reports. In lieu of the SAES interim reports, SAES accepts, with some additional items specific to Episcopal Identity, the ISAS Five-Year Interim Report on the timetable set by ISAS. An interim report must have thorough but concise responses. If a school has an ISAS interim report due, the SAES Standards Committee should receive a copy of the report with additional items listed in the Episcopal Identity of the School for Dual Accreditation.


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