Accreditation Process

Schools that are members of SAES and are at least three years old may seek  SAES accreditation for the first time by submitting an accreditation application to the association's Executive Director. An application fee must accompany the application. This fee will be assessed annually thereafter. Contact the SAES office at 806.655.2400 for pricing. Details of the accreditation process are found in the SAES Accreditation Handbook.

Steps to Initial Accreditation

  1. Submit application and fee for accreditation.

  2. Once the school receives SAES acceptance of the accreditation application, it has three years to complete the entire accreditation process. First, the school completes Documents in Adherence to Standards. These documents include vital institutional information about the governance, operations, and program of the school. The school shall have one year from its admission into the accreditation process in which to submit its documents.

  3. Upon approval of the Documents in Adherence to Standards by the SAES Standards Committee, the Director of Accreditation Services will contact the school to provide instructions for the initiation of the Self-Study, and a date will be set for an on-site visit by a team from SAES.

  4. Complete the SAES Self-Study 1. Allow approximately six to twelve months for completion of this stage of the process.

  5. Host an On-Site Visiting Team. The team will make a three and a half day visit to the school where an On-Site Visiting Team Report will be written to be submitted to the Standards Committee for a recommendation to the Executive Board on accreditation.

Accreditation Fees

  • Stand-alone Pre-schools up to 60 students: $212.00 annually
  • Stand-alone Pre-Schools of 61 students and above: $265.00 annually
  • All other accredited schools: $530.00 annually
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